NCIS: New Orleans season 4

NCIS: New Orleans

4 Seasons 74 Episodes
Returning Series

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TMDb: 6.1/10 96 votes

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Original nameNCIS: New Orleans
Created by Gary Glasberg
Starring CCH Pounder , Lucas Black , Rob Kerkovich , Scott Bakula , Shalita Grant

Synopsis of NCIS: New Orleans season 4

The tv series NCIS: New Orleans season 4 is one of the numerous spin-offs of the large-scale project on the United States Naval Police, called “NCIS”. It must be said that such attention to order-keepers who work on the water in the States is understandable, since the coastline of this state is 9,924 kilometers, and extends along three oceans the Pacific, Atlantic, and from Alaska and the Arctic, so that, there is where to turn to different criminal groups, and the police to confront them in different climatic and natural conditions and landscapes and, accordingly, the filmmakers reflect all of these numerous feats in the series, popularizing the harsh th work of simple marine police, converting them into the legendary superhero.

This time the project focused on New Orleans. The first season of this serial branch was released in 2014 on CBS, and now we have reached its fourth iteration.

It should be noted that New Orleans is a very special place, firstly it is a city with a predominantly black population, and secondly, it is called the capital of black jazz, and there is a huge number of different entertainment places that attracts a lot of tourists to the city. And where fun, music and fun, there is an accumulation of criminal elements of various colors. Moreover, the territories under the heroes of the series extend far beyond the city itself, and extend from the Mississippi River, which runs through the state of Louisiana, and up to the territory of yet another merry American state all known Texas.
The capital of jazz is known for its unrestrained fun, an abundance of disagreeable girls with low social responsibility and the presence of a large turnover of narcotic substances. And all these circumstances attract not only ordinary tourists there, but also a huge number of servicemen who are not averse to breaking off during their next holidays. And here they are already having fun, regardless of their titles. The process of investigating crimes has long been worked out and debugged, almost to automatism. Typically, one episode in the NCIS: New Orleans season 4 narrates about one criminal incident that is being investigated by a very close-knit team of excellent professionals, and exactly after forty-three minutes of screen time the viewer sighs with satisfaction, as the perpetrator is exposed, caught and even partially punished, if during the chase he managed to go on face. And what can not you do in the fuse The department of these incredible specialists is not too large, and has only four specialists.
So, get acquainted, who else is not familiar, and who is familiar, the more simply we recall the heroic personalities:

Duane Cassius Pride, or simply King the head of a special unit. It has remarkable managerial qualities. Enchanting, intelligent, strong and very respectful, both among his subordinates, and his superiors, often even very high authorities. And even by criminal elements, which in general is understandable, since his father is a criminal authority. However, the nickname speaks for itself. The native inhabitant of New Orleans.

Meredith Brody, called among his Merry special agent. Charming and professional. I came to New Orleans for family reasons. She had to make quite a bit of effort to become a real member of the team.

Christopher LaSalle, for his Chris another special agent. Although born in Alabama, his family moved to New Orleans a very long time, so that, in fact, he grew up in this city. Before I got to the King’s team, I worked as an assistant to the sheriff.

Loretta Wade is a doctor. He is the chief forensic expert. A big and fat black American. Incredibly clever and charming, quite eccentric, but very professional. Her contribution to the investigation is difficult to overestimate.

Airs On CBS
Production CBS Television Studios
Release Year 2014
Firt air date
Last air date2017-10-10
Episode runtime45 min
TV StatusReturning Series



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