Chicago Fire season 6

Chicago Fire

6 Seasons 115 Episodes
Returning Series

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TMDb: 7.2/10 104 votes

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Original nameChicago Fire
Created by Derek Haas , Michael Brandt
Starring Christian Stolte , David Eigenberg , Eamonn Walker , Jesse Spencer , Joe Minoso , Miranda Rae Mayo , Monica Raymund , Taylor Kinney , Yuriy Sardarov

Synopsis of Chicago Fire season 6

On May 10, 2017, the NBC channel, this network giant, extended several popular television series for the next season, among them a remarkable, topical Chicago Fire Chicago fire project, which safely crossed the fifth anniversary season, being in second place in the rating table and moved to the sixth, certainly not the final milestone.

There is also news that the Executive Producer of the Firefighters, Michael Brandt Derek, together with the director Joe Chappelle, decided to leave the successful project, so that over the sixth season there will be a solo work Derek Haas and this could mean a change in the storylines and the possible emergence of new ones characters.

It should be recalled that the fifth season of Firefighters Chicago ended very unexpectedly for the fans of this project, who for sure remained either in tears or quieted in stunned silence from the cliffhanger (an artistic technique in the storyline, often used by the creators, to increase the possibility that the audience will be interested in the continuation, wishing to know what will happen next).

Many probably remember what ended the fifth season, when the heroes were trapped in a fire-stricken factory, with no apparent means of salvation, and it was they who had those unresolved issues awaiting vital decisions.

Fireman Randy “Mouch” McColland needs to decide for himself whether he will remain a fireman or if he still leaves where it is easier to climb the career ladder; Kelly Severuidu to think about whether it is worth continuing worry about the deceased loved ones or starting life anew, because life is too short and can be cut off at any second; can Matthew Casey understand that we have to conclude an unceasing dispute with Gabby Dawson and finally tell his wife how much he loves her. There are too many questions and they all remained unanswered.

Be that as it may, the new sixth season of the series “Fire Chicago Chicago on Fire” will be devoted to internal and domestic conflicts, but, this should not interfere with the main line of the series. The creators decided from time to time to remind viewers that the work of firefighters is fraught with difficulties and sometimes with losses of loved heroes, with which it is necessary to be reconciled not only to the characters of the project, but also to the spectators themselves. Nevertheless, the showman Derek Haas said that, in principle, the ideology of the project will not change, fearless heroes dealing with household chores will immediately leave to save people without thinking about the danger to their lives.

Airs On NBC
Production NBC television network
Release Year 2012
Firt air date
Last air date2017-09-28
Episode runtime60 min
TV StatusReturning Series



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